CRESC Conference Panel: Globalization and Urban Aesthetics

Framing the City: the CRESC annual conference 2011, September 6-9, Manchester, UK


This panel brings together papers from the fields of Asian studies, film studies, and art history to examine the relationship between globalization, cities, and aesthetics. In particular, the panel examines the ways in which processes and conditions of globalization – from Beijing and Hong Kong to Amsterdam and New York – are reshaping both the space and appearance of cities. How does visual culture, extending from architecture and urban planning to film and photography, frame and interpret urban change in the era of globalization? What new forms of urban aesthetics are emerging as a consequence of, or as a response to, that change? Engaging with these questions,the four papers grouped in this panel focus, respectively, on creative industries in urban China; mobility and childhood in urban cinema; and transnational flows and exchanges of urban images in contemporary photography.


  • Stephanie Hemelryk Donald (RMIT, Australia)
  • Jeroen de Kloet (University of Amsterdam)
  • Christoph Lindner (University of Amsterdam)
  • Richard Rogers (University of Edinburgh)

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