Special Issue: Caring Cities

Special Issue of Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture edited by Linda Kopitz and Pei-Sze Chow

The foundational manifesto written by Joan Tronto draws an implicit connection between care and place in its emphasis on shifting care from the (symbolic) periphery to the center. In this dossier, we take these spatial metaphors literally, and aim to highlight the intersections between care and the city. The authors featured in this dossier cover a breadth of care geographies in global cities such as Amsterdam, Beijing, Malmö, Melbourne, Seoul, Singapore, and Venice. Rather than functioning as individual case studies, the specific articulations of urban imaginations and practices in and through these cities function as entry points into a critical exploration of different dimensions of care in urban settings. What connects the nine articles is the question of how care, as a concept and practice, intersects with the urban through technological, sensorial, and political lenses.

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