Sensing Urban Values

Carolyn Birdsall, Anastasiya Halauniova, and Linda van de Kamp – special issue of Space and Culture (2021)

The special issue “Sensing Urban Values” is now available online, and includes contributions by Elisa Fiore/Liedeke Plate, Hanna Katharina Göbel, Anastasiya Halauniova, Hamzah Muzaini, Nick Shepherd, and Linda van de Kamp.

“Sensing Urban Values” assembles a set of papers that respond to a neglected, undertheorized yet crucial question relating to spatial politics and urban renewal: How do economic and non-economic values depend on and co-constitute each other in different urban contexts? In response, the contributors to this special issue build on recent critical reassessments of value; they explore how the spatial and cultural politics of value unfolds in contemporary urban environments globally. They examine cases that traverse Poland, South Africa, Malaysia, Germany, and The Netherlands. This approach reveals the multiple valuations of spaces—not only economic but also symbolic—that inform the struggles for social and spatial justice in cities across the world as well as their scholarly examinations.

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